By the Numbers

Restored 3 barns to agricultural use and incorporated climate change adaptation strategies.

Installed 6 inch gutters around three barns to accommodate high intensity rain storms.

Installed 10 water barrels and 6 water quads for water harvesting and storage.

Planted 1330trees since 2011.

Installed two solar photovoltaic field arrays producing 54 Kw.

Installed two solar photovoltaic roof arrays. 1 supplies 2 barns and a house so uses aggregated metering.

Installed two solar thermal panels to produce hot water for domestic usage.

Built and erected our first 16 ft wind generator that aerates the Farm pond.

Established recycling in all buildings at Roedown.

Established a no-idling policy for all combustion engines across Roedown.

Repaired drains and ditches to manage surface run-off.

Introduced a 6 paddock rotation to the horse operation and rotation in the Kitchen Garden.

Repaired chimneys in three four houses to allow heating by wood burning. All ash collected and added to manure management process.

Built a forge for metal repairs that uses charcoal we produce from old fence posts and rails.

Recovered waste and trash from drainage ditches and Davidsonville Branch.

Repaired water infrastructure on 2 ponds and 1 lake so that they hold and release water under control.

Taken 3 acres of marginal land out of production and restored it to woodland and stream buffer.

Removed 23.83-tons of petroleum-impacted soil that was transported to Soil Safe. The recovered underground storage tank was transported to East Coast Metals LLC for proper disposal.