Roedown News

Fall: The early fall paddocks have good grass growth and conditions remain excellent for riding out.  Due to the high incidence of Foxtail (Setaria species) we did not take second harvest. The 16ft windmill is working well and is being used to generate bubbles in the farm pond for the fish and to make breathing holes in the duck weed.

Roedown Horse Boarding: The horses remain out at much as possible but  come in if the heat index rises above 90 deg. The herds come in twice each day to the main stable blocks for feeding.  Daily assessments are made of health and well being. Detailed records are kept of individual horse weights and these are used to inform feed. All the farrier and veterinarian needs are met as usual. Availability: Stalls are currently available for Mares and Geldings for full boarding. Email for more info.

Roedown Research R2: The grass growth for the winter looks good and we continue to work on barn adaptations. We still see the reliability of farm machinery as a weakness even with all the work to reduce risk and improve resilience. We continue trying to work through statements and policy positions of the Trump administration on sustainable practices, farming, rural livelihoods, the environment, science and education and climate change. What has come out so far appears to be insufficiently informed causing backsliding and strong headwinds on the critical progress we’ve made in recent years on climate change adaptation and many other vital issues.

Activities for Week  16 Oct:

The Mares have rotated out of the Lake paddock and up to the Boarding paddock. One of the gelding herds has moved into the Forge paddock. The Solar paddock is still resting ready for the winter. The mixed herd in the Family paddock has rotated to the east side. The final bush hogging has been completed and paddocks are being dragged. We are overseeding with Pasture Maker in the Race Course and Field 6. Two year old ewes remain in a separate  paddock to the lambs in  the sheep paddock at the southern end of the Race Course. New is the addition of a Boer nanny goat in with the yearling lambs. We have completed a new paddock on the west side of the lake. Our first lamb was born on wednesday morning 29 March 2017.

The sand and grass arenas are open and dry quickly. Jumps rails and boards are set up in the grass arena. The confidence course is open and is next to the sand arena.

A reminder to all Boarders to please have up-to-date signed waivers. The forms are in the Boarding Barn and can be handed to Channa. Please drive vehicles only on the tracks. Please keep dogs on a lead and clear-up after them. Please keep horses off the banks where flowers have been planted.

With the on-going EHV-1 occurrences on the east coast, please be aware of moving between farms and take appropriate measures. Please keep us informed if you are taking your horse off to ride elsewhere.

Roedown Research R2:

  • Experimental plots on the farm
  • Practical expertise on implementing a range of climate change adaptation strategies
  • On- and off-site evaluations
  • Off-site presentations and consultancy
  • Design of data collection in challenging, extreme and hostile environments.


  • We are accepting applications for intern positions at Roedown. Email for more info.